November 6, 2011
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I Don't Watch TV -- I Watch DVR

November 6, 2011
By: O. J. Cunningham

Are you watching what I'm watching?

We don't watch TV at the Cunningham house anymore.

Not "Live" anyway . . . We watch Charter's DVR.

SIDE NOTE: If you're not watching TV using DVR . . . Let me know . . .
cuz I think I might need to un-friend you.

Life's schedule being what it is . . . it seems more difficult then ever to just gather round the old TV set for "a night of TV entertainment.

Most people I know say they don't watch TV at all. They say it in a way that implies that anyone caught sitting around the "boob tube" all night . . . wasting valuable FACEBOOK or WII time . . . would have to be some kind of "airhead."

Nonetheless . . . I have to admit that I do watch my share of Network programming, special Cable shows and of course . . . SPORTS -- Or as my lovely wife Donna calls them . . . "Man Soaps."

Every time I see a Nielsen list of most-watched TV (Like the one below) . . . I like to see how I'm doing . . . you know . . . compared to the rest of you "airheads" out there.

You know . . . Us Guys . . . oftentimes referred to as THE MASSES.

Prime-time viewership numbers compiled by Nielsen for Oct. 24-30. Listings include the week's ranking and viewership.

  • 1. World Series Game 7: Texas at St. Louis, Fox, 25.4 million.
    Well DUH! Of course, I watched the 7th Game of the World Series. It's what expected of all manly men.

  • 2. Sunday Night Football: Dallas at Philadelphia, NBC, 22.99 million.
    Tell you the truth, by Sunday night, I was all "footballed out." You see, I found a free "app" for my Verizon phone called NFL Mobile -- And I watched NFL Red Zone (on my phone) all day Sunday. I was burned out by 8:00pm on Sunday night.

  • 3. World Series Game 6: Texas at St. Louis, Fox, 21.07 million.
    See Number One -- Above.

  • 4. "NCIS," CBS, 19.43 million.
    Jethro, Ziva, Tony, McGee Abby -- I'm all over this one on Tuesday night.

  • 5. "Sixty Minutes," CBS, 18.56 million.
    I don't DVR 60 Minutes any more . . . but I'm gonna miss Andy Rooney.

  • 6. "Sunday Night NFL Pre-Kick," NBC, 17.22 million.
    Not This Week -- See Number 2.

  • 7. "Dancing With the Stars," ABC, 17.17 million.
    Here's where the Cunningham parts ways with the masses -- We just don't watch REALITY TV at the Cunninghams. Never Have. Never Will.

  • 8. "NCIS: Los Angeles," CBS, 15.89 million.
    No! No! No! There's only one "Special Agent, Jethro Gibbs. Just like there's only one "Brenda Leigh Johnson, LAPD>.

  • 9. "Two and a Half Men," CBS, 15.29 million.
    I watched Ashton for three weeks. Wanted to give him a chance. Without Charlie . . . this is like watching Seinfeld without Jerry. And . . . Kutcher needs to lose the Jesus look . . . stop talking about his male part and apologize for sleeping with Charlie's mom. Seriously? I almost puked up my Nutrisystem Monday night supper food.

  • 10. "The Big Bang Theory," CBS, 14.54 million.
    These guys got it going. Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Wolowitz and Guthrapati . . . Wouldn't miss it.

  • 11. World Series Game 5: St. Louis at Texas, Fox, 14.32 million.
    Yes, Yes . . . More World Series.

  • 12. "Dancing With the Stars Results," ABC, 14.1 million.
    Never have watched this one -- Reality TV.

  • 13. "The Mentalist," CBS, 12.42 million.
    Loved Patrick Jane's character from Day One. Detective Cho makes it fun every week. Hate the girl (Lisbon)

  • 14. "Mike & Molly," CBS, 12.16 million.
    Never found this one for some reason. Never watched it.

  • 15. "The X Factor" (Tuesday, 8 p.m.), Fox, 12.09 million.
    Didn't watch IDOL -- Don't watch X-Factor. Don't enjoy the sarcastic and degrading criticism of the performers.

  • 16. "Football Night in America," NBC, 11.89 million.
    Say No to Sunday Night Football.

  • 17. "Survivor: South Pacific," CBS, 11.79 million.
    Just say No to REALITY TV.

  • 18. "Once Upon a Time," ABC, 11.74 million.
    Always been a fan of Jennifer Morrison (House) and the quirkiness of this fairy tale setting makes this show a "keeper" at the Cunninghams.

  • 19. "Person of Interest," CBS, 11.62 million.
    Started writing this to DVR as soon as it appeared. Love the "tekkie" concept. Not sure it will last.

  • 20. "Modern Family," ABC, 11.31 million.
    Never found this one for some reason. Never watched it.

    MY NIELSEN SCORE -- Nine (9) out of Twenty (20). Not bad, considering four (4) of the shows are Reality TV and another four (4) were late night Sunday football.

    Gotta Go . . . Time to program the DVR for tonight's TV.

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